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Machine Set for Light Weight Glazed Tiles

Machine Set for Light Weight Glazed Tiles
Product Detailed

1.Machine Set for Light Weight Glazed Tiles
2.to make light-weight glazed tiles
3.with high quality, adjustable thickness

Machine Set for Light Weight Glazed Tiles

1) Glazed tile making machine: one step speedy, efficient, economical production
with high quality, adjustable thickness
2) Side shear: to be used in cutting out the extra parts of tiles
3) Pug mill: to be used to mix and stir the mixture in fixed proportion

Features of light-weight glazed-tile making machine
1) Production speed, thickness of tile can be adjusted easily
2) Setting film down, material slurry supply, laying the fiberglass cloth fiberglass
can be accomplished synchronously
3) The performance of dispelling air is good, and there is no air bubbles in products
4) High productivity, which is 4-5 times higher than that of hand-made title
5) Compact structure, easy use, low energy consumption, high output and high-made
6) Thickness of the whole tile is even, better than hand-made tile

Characteristics of glass-type light-weight tile
1) Pressure resistance, break resistance, low water absorption, and antifreeze capacity
2) Long life, which is longer than that of asbestos shingle
3) Anticorrosion is strong, which is better than iron tile
4) Anti combustion, fireproofing, wind proofing and anti-aging, which are better
than resin tile and plastic tile
5) Raw material is widely attainable (the main raw materials are magnesium chloride
and magnesium oxide)

Introduction of the side shear
Side shear is used to cut out the extra parts beyond the given size which is set
on the finished-goods of glass-type light-weight tile after shaping and drying.

Main technical parameters of side shear
Model: JB-350
Driven power: 4.75kW
Cutting power: 4.8m/min
Outline size: 3,000 x 2,600 x 1,170mm

Introduction of pug mill
Pug mill is used to mix and stir the mixture which comes from a few raw materials
of light-weight glazed-tile being compounded in fixed proportion. So that the final
mixture can meet the need of subsequent productions use.

Main technical parameters of pug mill
Model: JB-350
Driven power: 3kW
Stirring power: 350kg
Outline size: 1,500 x 880 x 870mm

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