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diameter measuring machine

diameter measuring machine
Product Detailed

Diameter measuring machine
Easy operatiom
Long service life
Easy maintenance

Diameter measuring machine

General introction


1, High accuracy of measurement, quick reaction and steady air compensation.

It adopts special spectral measurement and real time monitor, electric device and automatic steady air compensation to realize quick reaction and steady air compensation which guarantees the confirmity of product quality and raises the production efficiency. It avoids the disadvantages of manual air compensation such as unsteady airflow, slow reaction, human operation error and thus reduce the defective product rate.


2, Photics wave filter with strong anti-interference ability.

This device has special photics wave filter which can filter the parasitic light andastigmatism from surroundings to make the accurate measurement. At the same time, circuit adopts anti-interference design which can prevent interference of signals from other electrical device around effectively.


3. Adjust on linecontrol size is adjustabledata display

The gauge adopts high intelligence module design,which belongs to adjustment on line and

controlling in live operation.The measure controlling sizes can be adjusted in certain range. It

can control size automatically according to the set diameter of the tape and then produce

different dimensions of products which enables that one machine can produce many sizes of

products and then reduces the cost of machine;meanwhile the data of the measured product is

displayed by LED digital tube so that it is easier to observe and the precision degree displayed

is high.


4.Light alarming,buzzer alarming

This product adopts rotating type alarming lightconsistant buzzer alarming device which has double alarming function.When the material is mixed with impurities which can not be dissolved, the sand hole appears, the pipe diameter is out of torlence.Then the gauge will alarm in time so that it ensures the quality of the product. Also it takes place of workers inspecting the quality of the product in live operation.


5.Continuous work, easy maintenance and long service life

It adopts high quality electric element, ensures the realiability of the usage of products, and it can work 24 hours one day without stop. The service life of measurement monitor element can reach to ten thousand hours, meanwhile it is very easy and convenient to maintain.


6. Easy and perspicuous operation

The control panel is concise and perspicuous. It only need easy operation that can achieve the measurement, monitor and compensation of air, thus reduce the difficulty of using. There is no high skill demanding for worker , and they can master using method quickly.

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